At the end of the day, it isn't all about the boat. It's' about getting families and friends together spending quality time.

Getting your partner involved and getting the kids off their phones or off the computer and out in the great outdoors. Getting the blokes together or the ladies together and catching that fish that got away last time. It is a great opportunity for men to get together and talk about that important men stuff. It's not about the boat, it's about reconnecting.

1. Boating improves the quality of your life.

Untie your boat from the dock, sail away, leave all of your problems behind and get a fresh perspective.

2. Affordable & Recreational Activity.

Boating isn't as expensive as most would think - whether it's a canoe, tinnie or a larger boat it really isn't that expensive to get out on the water.

3. Boating Is Accessible.

Most Australian's live within 50km of a river, stream or ocean. 7 of our capital cities are coastal and Australia is an island - we are surrounded by water!

4. Boating Helps You Bond With Family & Friends.

A recent study conducted in the US suggested that boating, fishing and cruising rated as the top 3 ways to connect with people.

5. Boating Helps Reduce Stress.

A recent study in the US suggested that a little bit of fun everyday (boating was listed in the top 3 activities) would help to reduce your stress levels and live a better quality life.

6. Boating Is Convenient.

85% of Australian's live within a 50km radius of a boat ramp. You can get some fresh air sooner and many say that going boating is like having a mini holiday.

7. Boating Is Engaging & Rewarding.

Boating is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. Imagine teaching a youngster how to fish, teaching them the responsibility of looking after a boat or planning a day out. What a great level of life skills you can impart to the youth through your boat.

8. Great Exercise.

Think of water skiing, tubing or any other water sport, reeling in a big fish or just a long, rigorous day out sailing on the water. You're experiencing the great outdoors and breathing fresh air, it doesn't get any better than that.

9. Recreational Boating Is Easy To Learn.

Buying from an accredited dealer means that you will get boating lessons. You can bring the entire family long and let everyone learn how to be the skipper of the vessel. There is also additional boating education available everywhere including boat shows, youtube or speaking to locals you meet along the way.

10. Boating Is Fun.

With so many activities that can be unlocked when you have a boat, there is something for everyone.

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