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5 Handy Apps for Fishing & Boating

Last updated on April 11th, 2019 at 04:49 pm

Without question, fishing can be quite a challenge. Patience is a virtue greatly valued here and you need to be observant. You also need to have the proper gear to help you get the fish you’re going after. But thanks to current technology, fishing is becoming easier with some help from smartphone apps. From predicting the weather and finding fuel, learning knots and navigation, these 10 apps will help make your boating and fishing expeditions go smoother and more fun.

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Apps for Boating

NOAA Weather Radar

One of the weather apps that boaters go to is NOAA Weather Radar. First off, it has a real-time colour-coded weather chart. Data from NOAA is accurately read by the app’s High Definition Doppler radar. In addition to viewing the exact weather in your location, you can also get information about a spot that’s miles away from you. If you’re planning to go on an out-of-town fishing trip, you’ll find out if there’s going to be a problem and you might even receive warnings for severe conditions. NOAA Weather Radar can be downloaded in both App Store and Google Play for free.

VesselView Mobile

The VesselView app is gold. Apart from helping you locate ports nearby and places to get fuel, it can also detect hazards and operating errors. VesselView is compatible with engines made in 2004 and later from the trusted brand Mercury Marine. Though the app is free, it becomes powerful when connected to a Bluetooth module valued at $275. You’ll receive prompts when there’s a problem that needs urgent attention and even some that can be dealt with after you dock. The VesselView app is available in both App Store and Google Play.

Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes

The Navionics app gives you a year’s worth of Nautical charts and the use of its SonarChart. You also see what people have to say about some spots in its Community Edits section. Many are satisfied with its function to give data about the depth of contours in some areas. You can get all that information in the comfort of your own home. This can be downloaded for free in App Store and for Google Play. But additional services like charts are going to cost you between $26.99 – $84.99 (HD).

Garmin Connect

Everything seems to get smaller nowadays but it doesn’t really mean it’s less powerful. The Garmin Quatix 3 smartwatch proves just that. It is 100 meters water-rated, so taking it to the water is no problem at all. Once it is synced with the Garmin Connect app, you can get weather notifications, sonar depth, local tide data and many more. The watch itself costs around $699.99 and that shouldn’t be a surprise with all that it can do. The Garmin Connect™ app is absolutely free and is available for Android and Apple users.


Finding a good spot for fishing requires you to know how to go to the right location. You can make that happen with a chart plotter like InavX. Once you have the NOAA raster chart, you’ll know the contours and markers and can start navigating using this app. You will also have data on other things you have to observe. Information about the current, speed and depth will all be at your fingertips. This can also work seamlessly with other apps for satellite SSTs, weather radar, and GRIB data. For $30.99, you can download this from App store or you can get it for free from Google Play.


Apps for Fishing


You won’t be going home empty-handed on your fishing trip with the help of FishWeather. You get to know current wind speeds, waves with its height and frequency from the app’s reliable sources which are their exclusive weather station networks, more than 50,000 weather station networks across the globe and crowdsourcing. That means you got yourself covered whether you’re planning to fish in rivers, lakes or even the ocean. You can get FishWeather for your Apple or Android phone for free but they also have paid services you can try.

Fishing Knots Lite

You need a good knot to secure the hook and your catch. You also get a sense of satisfaction you get when you do it right. If you’re struggling with it still, you can give the app Fishing Knots Lite a go. There’s information about the strength of every kind of knot it features. It also comes with a step-by-step illustration making it easy to follow. You can download this from the App Store and Google Play for free.


This app is fairly simple to use but very handy. All you have to do is use the map in the app and pick an area you’d like to explore. After you’ve chosen a location, you will receive information about its coordinates and the temperature. This gives you the chance to check the statistics of other areas before plotting a chart to go there. All in all, you always know where you’re most likely get fish or if the chances are slim after you’ve checked several spots. You can get Fishtrack’s free trial in App Store and Google Play.

Moon Phase Plus

Anglers know just how important it is to observe moon phases when they go fishing. In Moon Phase there’s information about when the moon rises and sets. There are also current updates coming from NASA. Knowing these things allows you to guess when the fish will likely be feeding, so you could be there ready with your bait. Though knowing moon phases help most anglers, the weather still plays a big part in the success of their fishing trip, so using this with a good weather app is a good idea. Moon Phase can be downloaded for free but it’s only available in the App store.

GoFree Link

When you’re fishing, you need something to help but not become too much of a distraction at the same time. GoFree Link makes it easy to monitor stats even when you’re occupied. Boats with a Simrad sounder GPS unit and a Lowrance can be connected to this app. Once that’s done, you can proceed to control entering waypoints, the sonic hub audio and even adjust radar settings. It helps you see the bottom contours and makes it easy to identify where there are more fish just by quickly glancing at your phone. You’d find this app in App Store (known as Link: Connect Your Boat) and Google Play to download for free.

Where To Download

Love these apps? Time to see it in action. Most of them are free, so take them for a spin on your next fishing trip. They will add excitement to your trip as you try the new techniques you learn as you use them. Enjoy the delight of fishing more efficiently and let out the expert in you.

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