Champagne Boat Christening

A Boat Christening

Last updated on January 19th, 2018 at 04:49 pm

You’ve found your dreamboat, but what do you do if it also comes with a name you can’t possibly set sail with?

Everyone knows renaming a boat brings both the owner and boat bad luck. But not to worry; we’ve set out the rules for a boat renaming ceremony so you’ll have nothing but clean sails ahead.

The legend says each boat is recorded by name in the Ledger of the Deep by Poseidon or Neptune so it make sense that before you rename your boat you need to erase every mention of her. This can be on the sails, the hull, keys and even logbooks, maintenance records and engine.

Next, pen the old name of the boat in water soluble ink on a piece of metal and call up the Kings/Gods and any others you think may be helpful in keeping you boat safe on seas. For example:

excel boat gods
PoseidonBeseech and Implore these Gods/Kings to erase the former name from their hearts and records of the Ledger of the Deep and wipe the old name off the metal in the sea and pour some good quality champagne into the sea and for you and your crew.

Pour champagne over the bow and ask for protection, then follow suit and pour more bubbles to the east, west, south and north. Rename your boat and all should be well above and below the sea.

You can just change boat’s name but we think a Boat Christening Ceremony is a great way to welcome your new boat to your family and friends.

If you’re still worried about the wrath of the gods you can talk to us about organising marine insurance for your boat.


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