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Best Places to Go Boating in Queensland

Last updated on December 21st, 2018 at 02:23 pm

Queensland is a haven for all kinds of boaters. Its waters have plenty of fish to bite, the weather nearly perfect for most the part of the year, and its views are sure to please boaties both old and new. If you have your boat waiting to float on water and weather so good as if Poseidon himself blessed it, then head over to any of these excellent boating spots in Queensland.

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The Great Sandy Strait

great sandy straitLocation-wise, it will be hard to find a more ideal spot than the Great Sandy Strait. On your way there, you’d pass Hervey Bay which is the northern gateway and Platypus Bay where people gather to watch the yearly migration of humpback whales. This sheltered waterway separates the mainland from the islands and provides a lot of protection from strong winds in the summer and winter.

Although no one can question how amazing the view is, the fishing spots left and right located in the south deserve appreciation. After passing by Little Woody and Duck islands, you can visit the popular Kingfisher Bay resort then have a good time at estuaries and islands like Teebar and Snapper creeks, Pannikin, Slain, Dream, Tooth, Round Bush and Moonboom. Heading further down brings you to Tin Can Bay where you’ll find fishing villages like Tinnabar, Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan and Poona with plenty of sandbanks with channels that are marked and charted.

Image courtesy Flickr: a_terracini

whitsundaysThe Whitsundays

Picture this, a place with nearly 150 uninhabited islands, well maintained national parks, and incredible tropical resorts.

This is what the Whitsunday Islands have to offer. On the east side, you’ll find the seven-kilometre Whitehaven Beach which is known for its white sand. Those looking for a posh place to visit at night can go to Hamilton Island to see the attractions.

If you ever need any service for your boat or your travel, you can head to Airlie Beach on the mainland. They have open shopping areas every day with dining and entertainment options for any budget.

Image courtesy Flickr: andy nunn

moreton bayMoreton Bay

Moreton Bay has been called a best-kept secret but it shouldn’t remain like that for long. The smallest of tinnies can peacefully cruise in its shallow channels. Young ones can play on the sandbanks while the adults are busy dropping crab pots or trying to catch flatheads.

When the day is over, and you want to put your catch to good use, visit the uninhabited islands like Coochiemudlo, Macleay, Russell, Lamb, and Karraga for a picnic.

These spots spell nothing but family-friendly because you have protection from the wind no matter what direction it comes from and there are plenty of anchorages and marinas to see on the way.

Image courtesy Flickr: bertknot

Gulf of CarpentariaGulf of Carpentaria creeks

If you’re looking for that in-your-face NatGeo experience, then the Gulf is the place for you.

It’s isolated with a myriad of mangrove creeks where you can take your boat and go to the river for some salmon or grunter. Maybe try cast netting on the sandbank.

Image courtesy Flickr: Feral Arts

tangalooma wrecksTangalooma Wrecks

You’ll find Tangalooma as you take your boat to Comboyuro Point and the west of Moreton Island’s shore.

You can stay in a resort to spend the night or the weekend, snorkel near the wrecks, enjoy the view of the sunset, or find playful dolphins.  You have to keep tabs on the weather report though. It’s going to be quite tricky to go there with a small boat during the storm season.

Image courtesy Flickr: James Niland

Safety first

You may be planning to visit these waters soon but always remember to check the current, waves, tides, weather, and reports that might affect your trip. You only truly become a captain if you ensure everyone’s safety from the moment the boat is on water, to the time you drop anchor. View these safety tips before you set sail!

Live the dream

There’s no question that we’re lucky enough to have some of the world’s most beautiful destinations in our own backyards. Australia is home to so many lakes, sheltered bays, canals and island havens, so boaties certainly get some good use out of their vessels all year round, be it for sailing, watersports, fishing or just relaxing on the water. For those of you who are still dreaming of a boating lifestyle, it’s never too late to join the crew. Talk to us today about affordable marine finance and visit one of these top Queensland destinations.

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