Motorbike Come Jetski

Biski: Motorbike Come Jetski

Last updated on March 15th, 2018 at 03:11 pm

New Zealand are becoming well known throughout the world for their amphibious technology and the NZ company, Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc, has upped their innovation with the addition of the Biski to their concept line. The Biski is a cross between a Motorbike and a Jetski and it was released at the American International Motorcycle Expo earlier this year.

This amphibious motorbike is in line with some of their other sport amphibian products like the versatile Quadski (amphibious ATV) and the Triski (amphibious trike).The good people at Gibbs were a little light on the details they released but what we do know is that the twin-cylinder petrol engine will be capable of reaching top land speeds of 130km per hour and water speeds of 60km per hour.

The Biski will take only five seconds for the bike to transform into a jetski and this is done whilst the Biski is moving into the water – interested to see it in action? Take a look at the video.

Whilst the Biski is still in the concept stages we’re looking forward to seeing one roll down the boat ramp any day now.

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