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Boating Life Hacks

Last updated on June 1st, 2017 at 05:52 pm

Like you, we love our time out on the water. But boating, like anything in life, comes with some of its own little problems.

You could buy all the latest, most advanced, expensive gadgets on the market and still find something going wrong.

In this article we’re going to look at some of the ingenious life hacks other boaters have come up with to make your boating life easier.

Life Hacks for Transporting Your Boat

Bug splatter – Towing your boat a long distance almost always leaves a splatter of bugs on the bow and windshield of your boat, whether you’re driving in the colder climates of Victoria or the tropical heat of far north Queensland. The quick fix: rub liquid soap on the front and windshield of your boat before hitting the road and the bugs will wipe off easily when you arrive.

Shopping bags – Not the plastic bags you get with your groceries, but the canvas bags, cooler bags and especially the Ikea shopping bags make great carry bags for all your wet equipment. It may not be an issue on your way to the water, but on your way home you’re going to want somewhere to put wet towels, wetsuits, wet clothes, shoes and anything else that may leak water all through your car.

Life Hacks for On Board Your Boat

Sliding esky – Do you have trouble keeping your esky in the one place? Simply place a wet towel under it to stop it sliding all over the deck.


Combat seasickness – You may not get seasick, in fact you probably don’t if you’ve gone out and bought yourself a boat, but a seasick passenger can still put a dampener on things and cut a boating trip short. Keep ginger on hand to help quell seasickness. Either fresh ginger, ginger tea, ginger beer or whatever has a good amount of ginger in it will help ease an upset stomach.

Electronics storage – Whether it’s your phone, chargers, mp3 players, cameras or any other electronic accessories, they don’t usually go well with water. Keep a few stackable plastic food containers handy to store these items while you’re travelling on the water. They’ll keep dry, organised and out of the way until you need them.

Keep clean – Those pump garden chemical spray bottles make for great, water-saving showers on board the boat or even in the cabin. Just make sure you buy it new and mark it “water only” so you don’t start spraying weed killer all over yourself on a hot day.

Camping towels – After you’ve had a spray bottle shower, save space on board by using a compact camping towel or chamois. They dry you just as well as a towel, but dry themselves so much faster, all while taking up a quarter of the space.

Duct Tape! – This wonderful product should be a standard in any life hack article. From all the useful things you can use duct tape for – basic repairs, stopping leaks, twisting into rope, bandages, cup holders (the centre is a perfect size for takeaway coffee cups) – to tackle tape, which is a special duct tape with a ruler printed on it for measuring fish. Any boater, camper, road tripper or home DIYer should always have a roll of duct tape on hand.


Fishy hands – If you’re fishing from your boat you’ve probably noticed how long that fishy bait smell seems to linger on your hands. Mix some toothpaste with your liquid hand soap to both clean your hands and remove the smell.

Life Hacks for Looking After Your Boat

white vinegar

Vinegar kills mould – Mould is an issue for all boat owners, but luckily there is a cheap, readily available solution. Rub white vinegar on your boat seats to kill mould without the strong smell of bleach.

Winterise your boat – Australia has great weather and throughout most of the country you could enjoy boating all year round. However, if you know you’re going to be putting your boat in storage for a while it’s a good idea to prep it for this.


All the boating hacks in the world won’t help you though if you need a new boat, or you don’t have a boat at all. Contact us at Aussie Boat Loans to talk about competitive boat finance so you can get out on the water sooner, or apply online to get things moving today.

Feature image by Yamaha Watercraft Group on Flickr.

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