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Boating News: Gold Coast Boat Show & Powerboat Race

Last updated on June 29th, 2018 at 04:45 pm


New Gold Coast boat show popular

The second annual Gold Coast International Marine Expo was held earlier this month and proved to be very popular, with over 20,000 people going along (a 24% increase on the first expo last year) and exhibitors recording very good sales.

The organisers put on a good show (excuse the pun) with over 500 boats on display and live entertainment, seminars, workshops and factory tours laid on for attendees, including displays of the JetLev Flyer jetpack (see video below – not shot at the boat show) and shows put on by the RAAF Roulettes aerobatic team. The factory tours were very popular, with luxury boat builders Quintrex and Riviera opening their factories for the expo so people could see the boatbuilding process, and showgoers could also watch the giant boat lift in operation, hauling large craft in and out of the water.

People coming to the show were not just locals either, with some flying in from as far away as Darwin and Tasmania to visit the show. Larger boat brands such as Princess, Alaska, Clipper, Jeanneau, Prestige and Riviera were exhibiting and reported very strong sales – despite the current economic climate. The weekend saw a surge in local visitors interested in boat renovation projects or looking for specific products and the Sunday in particular turned out to be a more family orientated day.

Many of the exhibitors commented on the event being reasonably low cost in comparison to other boat shows, something that did not affect sales – Queensland Marine Centre, who were exhibiting, reporting $1.5 million in sales across the board for the Sea Ray, Master Craft and Boston Whaleboats they sell.

The show will be on again next year on 1-3 November 2013. Perhaps worth a trip.

Power Boat Race Around The World

On November 2nd next year the starting gun will go off for the first ever powerboat race around the world. A British team will go head to head with an American team with two very different powerboats to attempt to break the current world circumnavigation record, which stands at 61 days, set by ‘Earthrace’ in 2008. The two teams will start at exactly the same time, but on different parts of the globe, the British team in Gibraltar and the American team in Puerto Rico.

The British team’s powerboat, called ‘Accomplish More‘ is 27.4m long and made entirely of recycled aluminium. Described as a ‘streamlined fuel tank’ it can hold nearly 25,000 litres of diesel fuel and at 4.8m wide is designed to slice through waves and go under larger waves, rather than ride over them. It will be powered by two 500hp water jet engines and will have a top speed of 47.7 knots (88kmh), which the skipper Alan Priddy believes will allow them to maintain an average speed of 25 knots getting them around the world in just over 38 days and beating the record by a comfortable margin.

The American boat is totally different: a catamaran just 17m long with two 380hp engines driving conventional propellers and under half the fuel capacity of its rival. However, the boat’s skipper Ralph Brown, a former US Marine who crossed the Atlantic in a 6.5m flat-bottomed fishing boat in 2009 (see video below), is confident they will win. The two boats will take completely different approaches to the challenge – the British boat will travel slightly shorter route with only seven stops for refuelling – whereas the American vessel will stop off twelve times, but the stops will be shorter. The American boat (provisionally called ‘The Forgiven’) will also have a much smaller crew – four as opposed to the twelve who will be on board the British challenger.

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Photo Credit: fotopedia

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