Great Barrier Reef Receives $500 Million Funding

The Great Barrier Reef, a national treasure and international icon, has received a massive funding of $500 million that will be funnelled to various channels, all dedicated to the preservation and survival of the reef. Pledged by the Turnbull government, this is the largest single investment made by the Australian government towards the reef. Dubbed … Continue reading Great Barrier Reef Receives $500 Million Funding

Top Broker Award from Yamaha Finance & AMF

Recently Aussie Boat Loans received an award from AMF (Australian Motorcycle Finance/Australian Marine Finance – part of Yamaha Finance) for outstanding performance in sales and marketing. Aussie Boat Loans received one of the Top Broker Awards for Finance Services for 2011 in recognition of the business that we did for our customers with Yamaha Finance. … Continue reading Top Broker Award from Yamaha Finance & AMF

Employment Opportunities

Sub-Origination Agreements Are you an independent broker that is currently experiencing difficulties with your main stream financiers, at Aussie Car Loans we have a number of successful brokers that source their plans through us. We have very good distribution model that can assist your business and also your clients, if you are interested in discussing … Continue reading Employment Opportunities