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Common Boating Mistakes

Last updated on April 13th, 2017 at 02:00 pm

At Aussie Boat Loans we’re big fans of getting out on the open water. That’s why we’re happy to have access to some of the best rates for boat finance – we want to help you get out there too.

But the last thing we want is for you to end up on a YouTube fail video. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to provide some basic tips to help you avoid some of the common mistakes.


If you’re new to boating take it easy when you manoeuvre around river banks, bridges and other boats. And give yourself the space you need. You’d be surprised at what can go wrong with a simple collision.


Check the weather

Know what your boat can handle and always check the weather before you go out on the water. There’s only so much you can do to protect yourself against the fury of Mother Nature and it’s really important to know things like the wave height that can roll your boat, the winds it can withstand, and for sailing boats – the strength of your mast.

If your boat is struggling with the wind like this, don’t risk it. Reef your main sail and save yourself a very costly repair job.


There is such a thing as speeding, even on the water. Just like in your car, travelling at high speeds can cause you to lose control and crash, particularly on choppy water.

Although you’re on the water injuries from speed related crashes still do occur. There are plenty of solid objects to collide into within your boat and even impacting the surface of the water can be damaging at high speeds. The video below shows the after effects of a speed related accident on the water.


Learn from their mistakes!

While boating fail videos can be great for a laugh, it’s worth remembering that there were real accidents involved, real injuries and really costly damages. Try your best to learn from the mistakes of others and spend your time on the water as safety as possible, so you can enjoy your time out there as long as possible.

But if you did just come here for the fail videos, check out the boating compilation below. Just make sure you remember what these people did wrong so you don’t appear on the next fail reel.

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