Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Don’t Miss This Year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Last updated on June 8th, 2017 at 11:28 am

You’ve got a lot of things in store for you in the Gold Coast and its great weather sets the stage for tons of entertainment. The highly anticipated Sanctuary Cove Boat Show is happening in the luxurious Marine Village this May. This yearly event runs through four days –from the 25th of May until the 28th. Catch a bit of sun when you visit, as it opens at 9:00 am and watch it go down when the show closes at 5:00 pm. Have a look at these boats and get inside. You don’t have to buy one right then and there! Just get the feel of it. Who knows? In a few years, you might be looking for one, yourself.

The Pavilion and Boatyard

Guests would be greeted with a number of power, sail, mono and multihulls, trailerable boats and superyachts as they walk along The Pavilion. For those looking something to take on their next marine adventure, The Boatyard showcases the latest ski boats, jet skis and tenders. Go around to find an impressive set of RIBS and custom made boats for angling or driving. With some 300 luxury marques on display, locals would be pleased to find Australian brands in the lineup.

Women on Water

Launched in 2011, this program is going on its 7th year allowing women to enjoy activities like workshops and having tea during the high seas cruise. Ladies could have a little one on one to pick each other’s brain about seamanship skills. To top it all off, they will learn a thing or two from special female guest speakers.

Live Bream Shootout

Families could participate in this 2-day program by paying the entry fee and having their boat registered. Two members would get the chance to fish in the Jumpinpin to the Nerang River, with the exclusion zones in mind. Participants need to catch a maximum of ten fish and have it weighed, giving the audience a good show. To observe efforts to conserve marine life, the fish are released after a winner is chosen.

Boating for the Future

This gathering makes it a good opportunity to talk about how boaties could safely enjoy being on water while protecting marine life. A collaboration with a big name like Sea World made it possible to take a closer look at their research and rescue vessels to help inspire others to do their water activities responsibly.

Around 40,000 people have come far and wide to enjoy this show, over the years. It wouldn’t be surprising when it continues to draw crowds with the new developments added each year to keep everyone thrilled.

Scoring your tickets early gets you a discount and you might win a luxurious trip when you buy online. Take this chance to bring the whole family as children below 18 could get in for free. A trip to the Marine Village is always worthwhile with all of its attractions, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Feature image by Australian Boating on Flickr.

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