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All You Need to Know About Jet Ski Fishing

Jet ski is one of the most versatile vessels on the water and many are now using their PWCs for fishing. Indeed, jet ski fishing is becoming very popular in Australia. Manufacturers are mow creating jet ski models for this specific recreation. Plenty of accessories have also become available lately to support this jet ski hobby.

If you want to join the fun, this guide will give all you need to know about jet ski fishing. We’ve also included some useful tips and the best PWCs in the market for fishing.

Origin of Jet Ski Fishing

Traditionally, fishing is done near the shore, on the docks and piers, and off-shore using a boat. But some jet ski owners in South Africa began using their PWCs for fishing a few years back. Soon the hobby became a trend. Jet ski fishing started catching on in other parts of the world, becoming popular in Australia and other nearby countries.

During the past decade, jet skis became bigger and increased in hull size. They are also affordable and easier to operate than a boat. These made jet ski the best alternative to small fishing boats and the reasons why jet ski fishing is now a great recreational activity for many Aussies.

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Best Fishing Jet Skis

There are plenty of fishing jet skis available on the market today. If you’re planning to shop for one soon, you need to consider the price, hull size, seat capacity, storage capacity, performance, and fuel efficiency. To give you an easier time selecting, here are the best jet skis for fishing you can find in the dealerships today.

1. Yamaha FX HO Cruiser

This Waverunner can take you and two of your mates to the best fishing spots in Australia. Yamaha FX HO Cruiser has a fuel capacity of 70 litres and a storage capacity of 166 litres. It boasts a powerful 1.8L 4-stroke High-Output Yamaha Marine Engine that will propel the PWC strongly in any type of water. Yamaha FX HO Cruiser is also crafted with a stable hull that will make changing directions more comfortable and fun at any speed.

A multi-mount system is also included in this fishing jet ski so you can easily affix optional accessories like Wireless Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, and a GPS Fish Finder. Whether you intend to fish in a lake or a sea, you can take the best accessories with you. The Yamaha FX HO Cruiser starts at $14,199.

2. Kawasaki Ultra LX

Launched as the “Dedicated fishing Jet Ski” by the pioneer of the “Jet Ski” brand, the Kawasaki Ultra-LX. This vessel features the brand’s super stable Ultra Hull, 78-litre fuel capacity, 212-litre storage, and a 4-stoke inline 1498cc engine. It’s best for jet ski fishers travelling long-range offshore to catch a greater variety of fish.

If you’re jet ski fishing with two mates then you’ll be happy to know that Kawasaki Ultra LX has 3-person capacity. To round-up its complete package, this jet ski also has a stainless steel Manta rod holder, a Lowrance Hook 2.5” split shot fish finder and an Icey-Tek 70L premium cooler. For just $11,199, you can drive one of the best jet skis available for fishing.

3. Sea-Doo Fish Pro

The Canadian brand of PWCs also offers one of the best fishing jet skis you can buy today. Starting at $14,999, you can experience fishing in a whole new level with Sea-Doo Fish Pro. This jet ski is packed with the best PWC features available right now. These include the Garmin Navigation and Fish Finder with a 6-inch screen and an in-hull transducer, 51-Litre LinQ Fishing Cooler, and a watertight compartment with USB Port charger.

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro is also equipped with a Rotax 1630 ACE 170hp engine that gives optimum performance on the waters to get to your preferred fishing location. When it’s time to fish, you’ll find this jet ski’s increased stability extra helpful when casting your rod and pulling your catch. To make your jet ski fishing experience even better, the Sea-Doo Fish Pro has an 11.5 inches extended rear platform that will give you more room for fishing and boarding.

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Equipment and Accessories

When jet ski fishing, there are four accessories that you must have. They are fishing rod holders, jet ski fishing rack, cooler, and GPS/Fish Finder.

Rod holders and fishing racks are needed for one reason: to conveniently carry the fishing rods with you. Jet ski fishing racks do even more by holding your cooler and extra fuel. They also can hold up to six rods, which means more fishing tools for you and your mates.

A cooler, on the other hand, should be with you whenever on a fishing trip. It’s where you can store your catch and pack some refreshments. Lastly, GPS is essential to avoid getting lost ashore when jet ski fishing. Many GPS products today also have fish finding capabilities like Raymarine, Lowrance, and Garmin. So, make sure to get any of these to have an easier time finding the best fishing spots.

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Choosing a Jet Ski Anchor

Once you’ve found the perfect spot with plenty of fishes, you will have to anchor your jet ski. Especially when there are strong currents, so you can cast your rods and fish properly. There are different types of anchors to choose from and each is ideal for certain water conditions.

Anchors also differ in weight and size, so you must consider the weight of your jet ski and storage size when picking the right anchor. Below are the different types of jet ski anchor:

Fluke Anchor – This anchor is commonly used with boats and also known as Danforth anchor among boaties. It’s a bit bulky and heavy to carry in your PWC, but a fluke anchor will work well in open and deep waters. It also holds up great against strong currents, whether in the sand or muddy bottoms.

Sandbag Anchor – As the name suggests, this anchor is a bag filled with sand. It’s the most popular choice of anchor among jet ski owners as its cheaper and lighter. A sandbag anchor is perfect for calm waters but not so much for rough conditions. It’s also very convenient to carry. When you’re done fishing, just empty the sand into the water and you’re off riding with less weight on your vessel.

Screw Anchor – A jet ski anchor that resembles a giant corkscrew, a screw anchor works only in shallow waters as it requires to be screwed manually into the ground. It holds well so your jet ski will be firmly steady while you are fishing. It’s also lightweight and easy-to-store. If you don’t mind the manual part of it, then a screw anchor can be a good option for your jet ski on a fishing trip.

Mushroom Anchor – Ideal for sand or silt bottom, this anchor will bury itself until it has displaced its entire weight. A mushroom anchor, which looks like an upside-down mushroom, can have a pretty strong grip on the seabed and hold your jet ski firmly in place. Although it’s lightweight, a mushroom anchor is somehow bulky and can take up a good part of your storage space.

Folding Anchor – A folding anchor is easy to store because it’s collapsible and comes in small sizes. It can also be used in all types of sea bottom and has impressive holding power. A folding anchor will not add much weight to your jet ski either.

Tips for Jet Ski Fishing

  1. The minimum water depth that you can safely operate your jet ski is 3 feet, according to experts. Driving in more shallow waters will damage your vessel. So, keep it to at least a waist-deep water.
  2. If you are going off-shore for the first time, it’s best to tag along with an experienced jet skier. Make sure that your GPS equipment is working properly and you’ve familiarised yourself to the waterway.
  3. Always check the weather and water conditions when jet ski fishing on the ocean. Never put yourself at risk by jet ski fishing in bad weather.
  4. Learn how to use your fish finder well for a more rewarding fishing experience. Ask fellow anglers for the best spots to find fish. Make sure to bring a good amount of bait with you and fill your cooler with ice to keep your catch fresh.
  5. It goes without saying to always wear a life vest, but make it a habit, nevertheless.

Jet Ski Finance with Aussie Boat Loans

Jet ski fishing is a fun and productive way to enjoy the beautiful Australian waters. With the right jet ski, equipment, and accessories, you’ll have plenty of catch in your cooler at every fishing trip. If you’ve decided to do this worthwhile hobby this year, the first thing to do is get your jet ski and Aussie Boat Loans can help you.

Although we are not taking new applications at the present due to COVID-19, you can still call Aussie Boat Loans at 1 300 769 999 or send us an enquiry online for any questions about our jet ski finance. We are keeping tabs on the situation and will inform you once it’s safe to submit your application.

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