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Jet Ski for Fishing

Last updated on February 6th, 2020 at 10:28 am

Many anglers are now considering personal watercraft (PWC) like the jet ski as an alternative fishing vessel and it’s not hard to see why. PWCs are a great companion because of their power and agility in any body of water. They are very manageable compared to other watercraft, launching and retrieving can be a bit of a problem. Plus, you don’t need a lot of engine power to tow them.

Switching to a jet ski for fishing is not that difficult either. You have to know what to look for when choosing a PWC, including the right accessories to help you catch the big one. It might also be useful to find out what the leading jet ski models are to help make your decision. For those looking for the best PWC for fishing, we compiled some helpful information for you below.

Things to look for in a jet ski

Large Storage – Jet ski fishing requires some significant storage capacity for all your fishing equipment. The more storage the jet ski has, the better.

Extra Seating – This provides more space for you to move around. PWCs usually have enough space for two persons, but extra seating will give you more casting room and space to bring other things you need.

Deep Hull – To have a smooth ride with the jet ski, it must have a deep hull, which is ideal for fishing in wavy waters.

Fuel Efficient – Just like any watercraft, the jet ski should also be fuel efficient. It will save you money, which you can put towards other fishing expenses. Make sure to choose a PWC which has a large fuel tank as well.

Right Price – The more features a PWC has, the more expensive it will be. You should aim to pick a jet ski that’s within your budget but still has the necessary features needed for good fishing.

Accessories for fishing

Rod Holder – This is perhaps the most important accessory that you need on your jet ski if you want to do some fishing. Find a holder that can carry as many fishing rods as possible. There are also products that can fit a cooler. Just make sure to find a durable rod holder.

Cooler – A cooler is also very important when it comes to fishing. It’s where you store your catch, your food, drinks, and other things that you need. Find a cooler that will fit into the rod holder.

GPS – Navigation is crucial, especially if you going to fish in the ocean or any large body of water. Try to find a reliable GPS to not only guide you when fishing but also for your safety.

When shopping for your jet ski, check if there is a package that will include all of these accessories.

Best Choices of Jet Ski

  1. Kawasaki Ultra LXKawasaki Ultra LX – All the things that you need to consider when purchasing a jet ski for fishing are in the Kawasaki Ultra LX. This is perhaps the best PWC you can purchase as a fishing vessel. It has 212 litres of storage, fuel capacity of 78 litres, excellent fuel efficiency, a performance hull for maximum precision and stability, and compared to other PWCs with top features, it is priced reasonably. This PWC can also seat 3 persons.
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  2. Sea Doo GTXSea Doo GTX – Sea Doo has the widest range of PWC products in the market. If you’re a beginner, a Sea Doo Spark will fit you. But if you want a jet ski that’s at the same level as the Kawasaki Ultra LX, then go for a Sea Doo GTX.  It has a 158-litre storage-capacity, a 70-litre fuel tank at par fuel efficiency, 3 seats and a modified Vee hull.
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  3. Sea Doo Wake Pro 230Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 – One of the best jet skis for any water sport, the Wake Pro 230 is also one of the top-selling models of Sea Doo. This PWC has a deep V-shaped hull, 60-litre fuel capacity, 162 litres of storage capacity, and is also a 3-seater. Although it’s commonly used for tow sports, the Wake Pro 230 is also one of the best PWC you can get for fishing.
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  4. Yamaha FX Cruiser HOYamaha Waverunner FX HO Cruiser – the term ‘Jet Ski’ actually comes from the Kawasaki PWC range but has been taken as the common name for all similar PWC models. Yamaha, on the other hand, calls their PWCs ‘Waverunner’. One of best fishing wave runners you can purchase is the FX HO Cruiser. It has a 70-litre fuel capacity, generous storage at 125 litres, is a 3-seater and features a NanoXcel2 Hull. Although, its priced a bit higher than the Sea Doo PWC and Kawasaki Ultra LX.
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  5. Yamaha VX WaverunnerYamaha VX Waverunner – Another Waverunner product, the Yamaha VX is another one of the most popular PWCs you can find in the market. It is great for family water sports, including tow sports and fishing. It can ride up to three people, has 70 litres of fuel capacity, and 93 litres of storage. It has the same NanoXcel2 Hull on the Waverunner FX HO but with a lower price tag.
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