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Last updated on March 16th, 2020 at 10:05 am

Did you know you can use outboard motor finance to replace a crook or underperforming outboard? If you still love your boat but feel it could be performing better you don’t necessarily have to replace your whole boat.

Old Mariner brand outboard motor that needs finance to be replaced

If power is the only problem, it might be time to replace your motor and repower your vessel. But how do you go about repowering your boat?

What to consider when replacing a boat engine

Horsepower – your outboard motor may be underperforming now, but don’t fall into the trap of over compensating with a repower. Check the boat’s capacity plate and make sure you don’t go over the maximum rated horsepower.

Engine brand – are you happy with the current engine brand? If so, it’s sometimes best to stick with what you know and simply upgrade to a newer model. If you’ve been rather unsatisfied of late, and it’s not just because of age or wear and tear, make sure you research other boat engine brands before investing in unfamiliar territory. Consider the available service, product performance, and warranty coverage.

More Outboards – once again, don’t get too excited and go overboard on your outboards. Increasing the number of outboard motors on your boat is usually not a good idea. It adds extra weight to the stern, requires structural support alterations and is usually irrelevant. Today’s outboard motors are reliable enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about heading more than 30-40 miles offshore with a single outboard.

Upgrading Instruments – if you’re considering a new boat motor it can also be a good idea to upgrade your instruments at the same time. Using old instruments with a new motor is likely to hinder the performance, particularly with the amount of information available today with digital instruments. Consider useful gauges for fuel consumption and best speed for fuel efficiency as just a few incentives.

Battery System – don’t forget about your battery system during an upgrade, as outboards with integrated power steering or high-pressure fuel delivery systems may need a more robust power system.

Get Your Outboard Finance Started Today

Is it time to repower your boat? You don’t have to buy a whole new boat in order to get marine finance. At Aussie Boat Loans we provide Motor Replacement Finance, also known as repower finance, for those looking to make the most of their boating experience.

Call Aussie on 1300 769 999 to talk about competitive outboard motor finance options, so we can help you get the power you need for the boating season ahead. You can also apply online to get things started today.

Feature image by Storem on Flickr. Outboard motor photo by Liam Briese on Unsplash.


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