Cruise Craft F 360 M

New Cruise Craft Fish 360 M

Last updated on December 21st, 2018 at 02:19 pm

Looking for a fishing boat with a 360-degree view? The new Cruise Craft F360M might just be for you.

We’re pretty excited about Cruise Craft’s latest offering because it marries sleek design with practical functionality. What more can you expect from an award-winning brand that’s been in the business for almost 60 years? No surprises here, founder Roy Nichols is one of the most recognisable names in the boating industry and started in the trade way back in 1946. His company launched the Cruise Craft brand in 1960 and seven years later, they started producing their first claim to fame — fibreglass boats.

Over the years, this homegrown manufacturer earned numerous awards and has never stopped producing top of the line watercraft. It’s a breath of fresh (local) air to see the release of the F360M amidst the array of imported boats in the Australian market.

The Fish 360 M

cruise craft f360 computerDespite appearances, this vessel will do very well offshore. Its centre console design gives you complete freedom while fishing. Anglers know this all too well and they will be happy to see that this offering from Cruise Craft has a raised floor height that gives a flatter space and a smaller step up when you are on the front casting platform.

Since you have space to move around, you’d want a boat that allows you to take all the gear you’d need. The F360M has 700 litres worth of storage space with four cleats and rod holders. If you’re not going to catch a Kraken, that’s more than enough room for days of fishing.

The F360M is powered by a Yamaha F150XB four-stroke (200hp maximum) with a 210-litre fuel tank. The upright design has a height that’s just right if you ever need to hide behind it and it is complemented by an impressive self-draining fibreglass floor.

cruise craft f360 M deckThe boat is also foam-filled so it’s safer and quieter. Maintenance wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg in the long run because it’s made of composite material and not wood, so there’s no danger of rotting. And as a bonus, this composite structure lends to slow deterioration and commands a higher resale price.

You will need a medium-sized vehicle to tow this boat due to the weight (1,990 kg). This will not be much of a challenge though because it has zero towing restrictions. The boat’s basic price package starts at $79,000, however, if you’re thinking of adding all the bells and whistles, like on the model that’s on display at the Melbourne International Boat Show, that can set you back about $100,000.

Don’t despair, our team can help you obtain finance for the F360M so you can embark on your next fishing adventure faster than you can hook your bait. Apply online now for fast pre-approval or contact us today.

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