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What To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Boat

Last updated on March 15th, 2018 at 03:05 pm

Buying a boat is a big time and money investment so it’s important to consider these points before purchasing a new boat.

1. Who will you be boating with?

This is an important question that most of us fail to answer before considering a boat. A boat ideal for taking the family out water skiing will differ from a boat perfect for a solo fish. Take

2. Where will you be boating?

Will you be putting near mangroves or heading out to sea? It’s important to consider coastal aspects versus ocean aspects

3. Where will you keep the boat?

Do you have a jetty off your house or will you be keeping your boat at the marina? If you’re considering leaving your boat in the front yard is there room and do you have a trailer?

4. How often will you use the boat?

Having a boat is great but being able to afford to run it is also pretty important. The heavier the boat the more fuel to power it so think about how much petrol you’ll need to run your boat.

Once you’ve got these answers written down finding the right boat for you will be much easier. You can talk to us on 1300 769 999 to chat about our Boat Finance Rates and we can help you work out your monthly payments. You can also apply online in 3 easy steps!

Photo by Xiquinho Silva and Connie Ma.

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