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Schiller Water Bike Review

Last updated on June 29th, 2018 at 04:12 pm

The Schiller water bike was created by someone who loves cycling so much… he took it to the water! This bizarre but awesome sport is taking over the water and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Water + Bike

Judah Schiller is known for being the first person to ride a bike across the San Francisco Bay and Hudson River. He achieved this in 2013 and in the following year, he created the Schiller Water Bike. It looks like a bike-catamaran hybrid with two pontoons and two timber (or aluminum) steps. The latter helps you get on it and, give you something to rest your feet on after pedaling.

Just like bicycles on land, it has a handlebar that controls the propeller drive unit. Not to mention Marine-grade alloy and stainless steel are used for its metal parts, so it won’t deteriorate easily. There’s a choice between a 15-pitch which is the standard, a 14-pitch that has less resistance and easier to pedal and, a 16-pitch which has more resistance but allows you to have more speed.

You’ll have smooth rides in shallow waters, but a crosswind can be tricky. It’s important to learn the quick reverse pedal to avoid obstacles. If you’re looking for something other than jet skiing, wake-boarding or fly-boarding then, riding a Schiller water bike is a must-try. It’s environmentally friendly because all you need to get it moving is your legs.

This invention has become more popular since 2014. Schiller once said he expects hotels to buy his water bikes as well as boating enthusiasts. That has become a reality because around 14 hotels all over the world now have Schiller Water Bikes. This year, they expect this number to reach 21.

Exercise in style

Rather than cycling inside a gym, why not cycle on the open water? Riding a Schiller Water Bike can be quite physical, especially the longer rides. To make planning a little easier, some early adopters have already charted some routes.

The makers of the water bike are organising a race in the South of France to boost exposure. If they are successful, those interested may have the chance to participate very soon.

Is it portable?

The Schiller water bike looks big, but its design allows you to fit it in the backseat of a medium sized vehicle. The pontoons, along with everything else can fit in a regular-size boot. You’re probably worried that you will damage it when you store it but, the pontoons are made of a tough PVC material. It will not be scratched when you stack aluminium bracing points on top of it. There’s no particular order of assembling its parts and, you can finish the whole process in 20 minutes. Carrying it alone is easy in short distances, but you will need help for long distances.


  • One hand/electric/battery pump
  • Two inflatable pontoons
  • Bike
  • Two timber or aluminum steps
  • Four aluminum cross members
  • One removable propeller drive

Not your ordinary bike

The Schiller Water Bike S1-C is available in Australia for $8000 — a pretty steep price to pay for a whole lot of fun! Described as hydrodynamic, the Schiller S1-C is the more high-end variant of the water bikes from Schiller. Need help in financing your new summer thrill?

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