Spring Boating

Spring Boat Maintenance

Last updated on June 8th, 2017 at 10:28 am

Getting your boat water readyThe worst of winter is over and as the weather warms up many of us will be getting back out on the water for another boating season.

Whether you prepped your boat before storing it or not, there are a number of checks and basic maintenance you should do before using your boat for the first time after a long hiatus.

To help you get back out there as quickly and as safely as possible we’ve put together a spring boat maintenance checklist.

Spring Boat Maintenance Checklist

The Hull

You’ll no doubt need to give your boat a good clean so make the most of this and inspect the hull as you go. Keep an eye out for blisters, cracks or distortions and ensure the drain plug is securely in place.


Inspect the propellers for dings, pitting, cracks or distortions and that they are secured properly. If it looks like the ring bearings will need replacing soon, now is the best time to do it.

Fuel System

Do a full check of all hoses, tank surfaces and connections for any damage or leaks that will require new components. Ensure all fittings and clamps are secured, and that the engine, exhaust and ventilation systems are functioning.

Hoses, Belts & Cables

Inspect all belts and hoses for cracks or areas that have become brittle, and that all belts are fitted tightly and haven’t become worn or stretched. Also inspect the outer jackets of control cables to ensure they don’t have any cracks or swells – these indicate further problems and you may need to replace them.

Fluid Levels

Make sure all fluid levels are where they should be, including coolant, power steering and power trim reservoirs. If you didn’t do it before storing your boat for the winter, you should make the most of this opportunity to do an oil change.

Safety Equipment

Do a thorough functionality check of all safety and first aid equipment. Make sure all life jackets are in good condition, replacing any that are too damaged so you maintain the correct number for your passengers.

Check fire extinguishers are fully charged, in date and properly stowed. Also go over your first aid kit replacing anything that’s expired or you’ve used in the previous season.

Out on the water

Once all this has been done the next important step is to get back out there on the water.

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Feature image by Alexander Lemke on Flickr.

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