What are my chances of approval?

Last updated on December 16th, 2015 at 11:08 am

All lenders considers things such as:

  • Have you ever filed for bankruptcy
  • Do you own a home
  • How much is your current income
  • How long have you been employed at your current job
  • How long have you lived at your current address
  • Do you have a credit rating and what is the status of your credit rating
  • What is your net worth

As well as other factors specific to that lender.

Aussie Boat Loans will complete an application and make a preliminary assessment to ascertain your repayment ability and credit worthiness. This process is part of our responsible lending obligations and will take into account:

  • the security over the loan
  • your current debt level
  • your income
  • your ability to repay the debt

From this Aussie Boat Loans may suggest a proposal to be applied to one or more lenders from our panel that will not be unsuitable to your needs and objectives. You can do some calculations yourself to determine your monthly budget. Simply deduct your expenses from your after-tax earnings. But it is quicker and easier to call us as we do it every day.

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